Acoustic Sensors


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Acoustic Sensor

SITRANS AS100 is an acoustic sensor used for solids flow detection. SITRANS AS100 detects changes in high-frequency sound waves from equipment and materials in motion. It detects and reacts instantly to changes in solids flow to warn of blockages, product absence, or equipment failure such as burst filter bags.


The SITRANS AS100 acoustic sensor allows an operator to take early preventive action to avoid costly damage. Common applications include pellets, powders and most bulk solids in pipes, chutes, vibratory feeders, pneumatic conveyors or aerated gravity flow systems. Operating with a SITRANS CU02 control unit, the system detects conditions of high flow, low flow or no flow. It can be added to a control loop via a 4 to 20 mA output. Two relays are fully programmable and independent of each other and can be used to operate an alarm or control device. With no moving parts and a type 304 or 303 stainless steel enclosure sealed against dust and moisture, this non-invasive unit requires little or no maintenance. With a dual operating range, the sensor offers an exceptionally wide range of application capabilities. Key applications: pipes, chutes, vibratory feeders, aerated gravity flow systems, burst filter bag detection.


  • Non-invasive
  • Screw in, bolt on, weld, or bond in place
  • Analog output
  • High and low sensitivity range of operation


Acoustic sensors for pump monitoring

SITRANS DA400 is an acoustic sensor for continuous monitoring of oscillating positive displacement pumps. The diagnostic system detects even tiny leaks in the delivery valves. As a result, defects can be detected earlier in their development, before they affect the process. The SITRANS DA400 acoustic analyzer can simultaneously and continuously monitor up to four independent delivery valves. Four additional inputs are also available for sensors for monitoring the pump diaphragms and oil. System operation and configuration are easily completed either locally by LCD and keyboard or via PROFIBUS DP/PA. Status and alarm notification is signaled to the master process control system via digital outputs or via PROFIBUS DP/PA and also available on the local display.


  • Increased plant availability through- Optimum maintenance scheduling by early detection of faulty components- Precise leak site identification minimizes shutdown and repair time- Extended maintenance intervals

    – Increased pump reliability

  • Avoidance of costly successive damages
  • Increased safety in critical applications
  • Early detection of performance declines
  • Increased productivity
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