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Delivery in 0-14 Days


Within the analytics area of process instrumentation, your system will likely require either gas analysis or liquid analysis, if not both. In both cases, the equipment we provide will analyse how much gas/liquid is found in pipes using precise measurement, and offer feedback on how to optimise your system.

For gas analysis, the SIPROCESS range from Siemens provides a range of solutions. At the front of their selection is the SIPROCESS GA700 Modular Gas Analyser, available with two housing types and one operation display. By combining two modules from a choice of OXYMAT 7, CALOMAT7 and ULTRAMAT 7, it is possible to achieve combined measurements, cross gas correction and optimisation. The GA700 can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted, and is configured automatically.

In finding a liquid analysis solution, the Georg Fischer (GF Transmitters) product library encompasses key areas such as pH measurementconductivityresistivitydissolved oxygen, and chlorine analysis. Please note that a Signet 9900 transmitter is required to run Georg Fischer analytical probes. Our process instrumentation team can offer specific products to your needs, so don’t hesistate to ask us what you require.

An all-rounded liquid analysis product would be the Bürkert 8905 online analysis system, providing an online solution to important water parameters, found within one compact and modular unit. Working alongside Bürkert SENSOR CUBES, this continuous analysis solution can measure pH, turbidity, ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and more. The measuring system can be built to requirements, and is again very simple to configure and maintain.


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For any assistance in solving your gas and liquid analysis needs, send an email to our Process Instrumentation team, or call us directly on +254 716 364584

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