Burkert Fluid Control Systems


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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems


Since 1946, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems have been providing reliable and high quality measurement and control products for process instrumentation systems. Bürkert are perhaps best known for their gas valves and valve islands, but also have a strong presence in the flow and analytical markets. For an overview of key Bürkert products provided by Prestige Industrial Services Ltd, see below.

Valve Islands

The valve island and control panel program from Bürkert offers the ability to purpose build a system from modular parts to meet many applications. When using a centralised valve island, corresponding pneumatic tubing must be installed from the control cabinet to the final control element.

Solenoid Valves

Bürkert solenoid valve technology and variety make a powerful application orientated range of valves for many applications from general industrial, water application, high pressure, hazardous area, etc.


Control Valves

Bürkert have a wide range of control valves along with various selection of pneumatic and electromotive actuators.

Flow Measurement

Bürkert Flow range of sensors covers a wide range of technologies from flow switches to Coriolis meters. FLOWave technology and Thermal Mass Flow stand out in the range.

FLOWave product range is based on SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves) technology and is mainly designed for applications with the highest hygienic demands. A measurement tube free of any wetted parts except for the actual tube. Optimal measurement results can be achieved with homogeneous liquids, free of air and solid particles. Integrated viscosity compensation can be used for liquids with higher viscosity.

The Mass Flow thermal inline sensor is located directly in the main gas stream and therefore reaches very fast response times while causing a very low pressure drop.



Bürkert have a wide range of analytical products covering pH/ORP, Conductivity, Chlorine and Turbidity.

The multichannel systems for water with its modular assembly makes this a very versatile option for a lot of applications.


If you need more information to select the right Bürkert products for your application, send an email to our Process Instrumentation team, or call us directly on +254 716 364584

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