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Delivery in 0-14 Days


Smart Asset Management for your field devices

Field devices are significant for operation and safety of production processes. Nevertheless, up to 90% of field device information in a process plant is unused. With SITRANS SAM IQ – the app for smart asset management – you can make this unused but valuable data available. SITRANS SAM IQ will manage your field device data, with comprehensive possibilities of diagnostics and monitoring.

Benefits of SITRANS SAM IQ

  • One application for all field devices and protocols
  • Reduce upcoming device failures by overviewing the health state of field devices
  •  Decrease maintenance costs through event-driven maintenance
  • Validate device measurements with device-specific diagnostics of process values
  • Optimize your processes with customized multiparameter dashboards

COMOS – Integrating the real with the virtual

COMOS uses the device data from PIA to integrate field device data into the digital twin of your plant. While the different trades work on the piping of your plant, the commissioning of the instrumentation, and the engineering, their documentations are saved in COMOS. Later on during operation this allows you to:

• easily locate the device in your plant
• have all relevant documents stored in one place and at hand when needed
• obtain a documentation of operating parameters
• work with a consistent database with cyclic updates (i.e. after maintenance works)
• have an overview of the electrical wiring at hand whenever needed.

Simatic Process Device Manager (PDM) – One tool for every task

With Industry 4.0 and digitalization gradually entering the process industries, process instruments get assigned a new role. More and more so, they play a vital part in generating process information and evolve to what the industry calls smart sensors. With their increasing intelligence also comes complexity: being smarter means having more functionality and hence more parameters to adjust. SITRANS devices come with on-board maintenance and diagnostic functions such as self-test, drag indication, partial stroke tests and multiple adjustable limit values, and there is a whole range of further sophisticated functions to keep track of and use for process monitoring and control.

If you need more information in choosing System Manager and Communications for your application, send an email to our Process Instrumentation team, or call us directly on +254 716 364584

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