Temperature Monitoring


Delivery in 0-14 Days

Delivery in 0-14 Days


For accurate readings of temperature in your process instrumentation system

For complete accuracy and maximum safety in your process instrumentation, Temperature Measurement is an essential aspect of the system. Prestige Industrial Services Ltd provide a number of options for your configuration, from brands including Siemens and HMS, all intrinsically safe and globally recognised.

Temperature monitoring requires the use of a sensor which uses electrical signals to monitor and measure temperature. This allows for a precise and customisable solution to temperature measurement, in full control of the user. This differs from temperature switching, which function in direct response to changes to temperature for a more standard solution.

At the heart of temperature measurement is often a PT100 temperature sensor line, capturing all temperatures between 0-200°C and connecting the entire system. Other options include an Industrial Thermocouple and more.

For monitoring temperature, Head Transmitter devices TH 320 and TH 420 mount inside the PT100 for integrated intelligence. These additions will evaluate resistance and millivolt signs, with a quick and easy setup. Alternatively, use a rail-mounted TR 320 or TR 420 transmitter inside the control cabinet for the same effect at an external level.

Temperature monitoring products also available from Siemens are Field TransmittersFiber-Optic Temperature Measurement devices, and Temperature Sensors, all for precise monitoring feedback.

Your temperature system may also benefit from enclosure inside a Thermowell, available in flanged and threaded varieties, for thermal resistant protection of the sensor line and transmitter.


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