Valve Positioners


Delivery in 0-14 Days

Delivery in 0-14 Days


Valve Positioners

Between the control system and valves in your process instrumentation, valve positioners are key for ensuring that the whole system runs optimally and reliably.

Two solutions provided by Siemens are the SIPART PS100 and the SIPART PS2. Use the SIPART PS100 for a basic solution covering all essential grounds, or consider the SIPART PS2 for a more compact design equipped with remote position detection to ensure safety in extreme conditions. Remote control electronics can also be applied to the SIPART PS2 for usage from the control cabinet.

SIPART PS2 positioners offer decisive advantages:

  • Simple installation and automatic commissioning (self-adjustment of zero and span)
  • Simple operation with:
    • Local operation (manual operation) and configuration of the device using three buttons and a user-friendly two-line display
    • Parameterisation via SIMATIC PDM
  • Very high-quality control thanks to an online adaptation procedure
  • Negligible air consumption in stationary operation
  • “Tight closing” function (ensures maximum positioning pressure on the valve seat)
  • Numerous functions can be activated by simple configuring (e. g. characteristic curves and limits)
  • Extensive diagnostic functions for valve and actuator
  • Only one device version for linear and part-turn actuators
  • Few moving parts, hence insensitive to vibrations
  • External non contacting sensor as option for extreme ambient conditions
  • “Intelligent solenoid valve”: Partial Stroke Test and solenoid valve function in one device
  • Partial Stroke Test e. g. for safety valves
  • Can also be operated with purified natural gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen or noble gases
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 2

For the highly affordable entry-level PS100, see the video below

SIPART PS100 & PS2 Range







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