FC-DDSM Solid Carbide Sigma Drills for Cast Iron – Metric


Delivery in 0-14 Days

Delivery in 0-14 Days


Designed with point and flute geometry specifically for drilling cast and nodular irons. The thick web and narrow flute means thedrill is rigid and will produce accurate size holes consistently. The carbide grade used is particularly resistant to abrasive wear which is important when cutting cast irons and provides for extremely long tool life.Cutting Diameter\t Tolerance (mm)Over\t Up to\t\t-0mm\t 3mm\t0\t-0.0103mm\t 6mm\t0\t-0.0126mm\t10mm\t0\t-0.01510mm\t16mm\t0\t-0.018FC-DDSM (Recommended for 4 x D)

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